Why Autumn Is Awesome!

Leaves Thanksgiving Tea Rainy Day Pumpkins Football 2 Cuddles & Scary Movies Comfort Food Cold Room Candles Boots Leggings Hats Bath


Leaves! The bright vibrant colors never fail to keep a smile on my face.







Thanksgiving! Family, friends and comfort food. Does it get better than that?






Hot Drinks! I only drink tea when the weather turns colder. Whether your pleasure is tea, coffee or coco fall is the perfect season to warm up with a cup.









Rainy Days! This might just be me… I love rainy days! There is just something so calming about the sights, sounds and smells of rain.




Pumpkins! My husband and I look forward to carving pumpkins all year. October offers an oportunity to let the inner child out!





Football! No explanation needed.






Scary Movies, TV Shows, Cuddles! Autumn brings our favorite shows back and scary movies everywhere you look. All this TV watching is the perfect opportunity to cuddle up!







Comfort Food! Tis the season to clear the cob webs from the oven. Warm, ooey, gooey home recipes couldn’t taste better!



Cold Mornings! Sure, it makes it harder to get to work on time… I can’t help but love the feeling of being warmly snuggled under blankets, protected from a chilly room.


Candles! I am obsessed with candles! They bring a warm, intimate atmosphere to cold cloudy days.





Boots, Hats, Leggings, Scarves! I love the clothes of autumn! Fall clothing is cute, comfy and fun!







Baths! I love baths all year long but there is just something so satisfying about soaking in a hot bath on a cold fall day. Light some candles, turn on some music and let the worries of life melt away.





There are too many reasons to list them all. What are some of the reasons you love the Fall?

Pupcakes! Nero’s 3rd Birthday!

October 20th was my “puppy” Nero’s birthday!!! I realize most people will think I’m silly (or crazy…), to each his own. Last year I made a (giant) cake specifically designed for dogs. We just let him have at it and he ate so much of it we could tell by the time he gave up that he had eaten too much… So this year I made “Pupcakes”! I got the idea from a YouTube daily vlog I enjoy called “SACCONEJOLYs”, but the recipe I made up myself.

Pupcakes 1

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Starting a Blog!

My very first blog! My name is Stephanie and I have created this blog to share a glimpse of life as I see it.

As my husband and I work on starting our family the urge to document and share our experiences has been growing in me. There are so many amazing and significant milestones in my life that I look back on and can’t remember much about how I got there. Having a family has been my biggest dream since I was a little girl. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of a ride (as anything worth doing in life is) with challenging and painful moments but more importantly miraculous and joyous moments. When my husband and I look back on the start of our life together and the building of our family I want to be sure nothing gets forgotten. My goal in writing this blog is a purely selfish one, I want to write about our life for my own pleasure and perhaps for my kids to read one day. If someone else happens to stumble upon it and enjoys it then wonderful. Continue reading “Starting a Blog!”