It’s Your Turn to Vote!

It is that time of year again when we are all bombarded with political attack ads and feel as if “Vote Yes/No on Measure…” is being forced down our throats. My one request is that we don’t let these negative manipulation tactics distract us from the importance of voting. Your vote does count and your opinion does matter! I’ve heard (and made) a lot of excuses over the years of why someone didn’t vote but to be 100% honest they are all crap. There is absolutely NO reason not to vote. It takes very little time (I filled out my ballot while sipping my morning coffee) and every vote (also every lack of vote) makes a difference in how this country will be ran. I hear a lot of people complain about how this country is being ran these days but when I ask them if they voted I almost always get a “well no”. In my opinion, If you choose not to vote you have no right to complain! I am not going to try to tell anyone how to vote because that is a personal choice and each person should read through the voters information booklet to fully understand each measure/candidate so they can make an informed decision. I am however going to plead with you, no matter what excuses you may already have lined up please put them aside and commit to being a participating American citizen. It’s not too late! You have through November 4th to cast your vote. Find out how you can vote in your area below.

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