Stress and Infertility

Resolution #3: Relaxation


Anyone who has had difficulty getting pregnant has probably heard some variation of “Just relax, don’t think about it and it will happen”.

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Fruits and Veggies

Resolution #2: Eat 3 servings of fruit and 3 servings of veggies every day

I have always loved to bake; cookies, cakes, sweets of any kind really. I was not much of a cook though. I could get by if I had a recipe to follow but it didn’t come naturally to me as it does to some people. My husband on the other hand is an amazing cook. He is one of those people who can just toss random things together and create a masterpiece. He’s from Arkansas so his style of cooking, while delicious is far from healthy. A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, a genetic (in his case) condition that has to be carefully managed and makes it very difficult for his body to digest food. To help treat his condition we have to be very careful that he eats as little fat as possible. It’s not a question of good fat vs bad fat, his body just simply can not digest fat. We have to keep each meal below 10 grams of fat and nutrition labels have to be carefully reviewed. We quickly discovered that my husbands style of cooking was far outside his dietary restrictions. He had a very difficult time changing the way he cooks so I took over the kitchen. I am proud to announce that my cooking skills and creativity has increased immensely over the last few years but I’m still learning.

Even with the intense detailed attention we pay to the food we consume we sometimes get so distracted by the fat content that we forget there are other nutritional factors to consider. I always try to serve a vegetable with dinner and make enough for left overs for lunch the next day but beyond that we don’t really think about how many fruits and vegetables we are (or aren’t) eating. I am lucky to be surrounded by positive food choices because the company I work for provides a wide selection of fruits and other healthy snacks for the employees to enjoy. Even so, I find myself overlooking those healthy options and choosing the worst possible snacks. No more I say!

Starting now I will eat:
1 serving of fruit with my breakfast every morning.
1 serving of fruit for a mid morning snack.
1 serving of vegetables with lunch.
1 serving of vegetables for an afternoon snack.
1 serving of vegetables with dinner.
1 serving of fruit for dessert.

We all know that fruits and vegetables are very beneficial to a healthy life.  I fortunately love both so this resolutions hopefully won’t be too difficult to keep. You may be wondering why I need a resolution if I already enjoy fruits and vegetables. The simple answer is I enjoy candy and potato chips more. I believe depriving yourself of what you truly want will only make it harder to make wise choices. In an effort to keep balance between what I need and what I want I will allow myself to indulge in a reasonable amount of sweet and salty snacks on the weekends and holidays.

What healthier food changes do you want to make in your life?

Welcome 2015!!!

Happy New Year!!!

2015 is going to be an exciting and significant year, I can just feel it! We have so many things to look forward to in my family this coming year!

  • The ever present possibility/hope of getting pregnant (3rd New Year wishing for that dream)!
  • My husband, Denver graduates from the Art Institute in the spring!
  • For mentioned graduation will hopefully lead to a more enjoyable and full time job for the love of my life!
  • Denver may be heading to Texas to visit his cousin Mike (click here to see my earlier post about Mike)!
  • My (favorite, shhh) cousin will be getting married in October!

Just to name a few!

Lets Talk Goals! When it comes to New Year Resolutions there are three types of people.

  1. People who make resolutions but never stick with it
  2. People who refuse to make resolutions at all
  3. The rare people who make resolutions and actually stick with it all year

Without getting into the psychology of fear of failure vs fear of success, I will just say most New Year’s I am type #1. I love planning out all of my goals for the next year but by February I usually forget all about my resolutions and go back to my old ways… This year, I am going to try very hard to become type #3 and stick with my resolutions for once! A few of these may be a little cliché but they are important to me… so there? I have never been the kind to refuse to make resolutions, I feel it’s vital to a happy life to constantly try to improve yourself. It doesn’t matter when you start the process of bettering yourself but my thought is, why not start on the first day of the year?

So, without further ado… My Resolutions Are… Drum Roll Please…

  • Exercise 3 days a week!
    • I am currently 15 pounds heavier than I would like to be. I don’t like the way I look. I don’t like the way I feel. I don’t like that I’m sore and winded from walking up one flight of stairs… I just have to come to terms with the fact that I’m not 18 anymore. I can no longer be in excellent shape with no effort what so ever. *Sigh* I already miss those days… But enough is enough! It is time to take control of my health and regular exercise is step #1! Come back next week to see my detailed exercise plan!
  • Eat 3 servings of fruit and 3 servings of veggies every day!
    • I already eat pretty healthy, thanks to my husband. My husband has a chronic health condition that makes it necessary for him to eat very healthy. Since I don’t make separate meals for each of us I end up eating healthy because he requires it. Unfortunately even with the healthy meals I’m preparing I typically get one serving of fruit with breakfast, sometimes one serving of veggies with lunch and one serving of veggies with dinner. That just isn’t enough! Come back the week of January 16th for my detailed plan!
  • Relaxation!
    • I have an anxiety condition. Over the years I have worked very hard and have gotten better at managing my anxiety over the little day to day stuff. While I don’t get over whelmed or panic about the little stuff as much anymore, which allowed me to stop taking a daily anxiety medication, I struggle every day with my stress level and I carry medication for panic attack situations. In our struggles to get pregnant we have been frustrated by the test results giving no indication of any problems. My doctor (and everyone else I know) has advised me that stress can play a huge part in infertility and knowing myself it wouldn’t surprise me if that is what is standing in the way of our dream coming true. Come back the week of January 23rd for my detailed relaxation plan
  • Creativity!
    • I’m an accountant without an ounce of natural creativity in her body. Married to an ARTIST who lives, breaths and sleeps creativity! I have always been jealous of creative types and have longed for the gift of creativity for as long as I can remember. While discussing my desire for creativity with my husband he became inspired to help me accomplish my impossible goal (I would just like to note that he got a little too excited about the idea… I’m a little afraid…). Come back the week of January 30th for my (husbands?) detailed creativity plan!


 What are your New Year resolutions?