Portland Japanese Garden


I have lived near Portland Oregon my entire life but there is always more to see and discover. I love finding new sights to explore in my beautiful state and what could make it even more exciting? Free admission! That is exactly what the Portland Attractions Marketing Alliance is doing in 2015! With my Oregon Zoo membership I can get into a new attraction each month for free and I intend to take full advantage of this opportunity! Lean more for yourself here.

January’s attraction was Portland Japanese Garden and it was awesome! My Mom, sister, nephew, husband and myself explored the oriental garden on a surprisingly warm but foggy morning. The fog added a magical feeling to the atmosphere that we couldn’t have planned better ourselves!

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Top 10 Tips to Becoming Creative

I am surrounded by creative minded loved ones and then there is me… I am analytical minded (hence the career choice of accounting) but have always longed to have creative talents. I’ve always been too insecure about trying creative activities to actually put myself out there. BUT NO MORE!! I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks what I do is good or not. The only thing that matters is that I have fun doing it and am proud of what I accomplish!

When I made the commitment to not let my fear of failure hold me back from my dream of creativity I sat down and made a list of what creative activities I wanted to try and how I wanted to express my new found goal. My list ended up as follows:

  • Writing – 1. Create a Blog.  2. Write a novel.
  • Photography – Take artistic photo’s each month and share them.
  • DIY Crafts – Create home decorations/furnishings rather than buy.
  • Cooking – Create delicious meals without using a recipe.

Great! I had a list of my goals!… Now what…
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