Keep Conversation Alive

We are at a place in our society that if there is ever a lag or pause in conversation most people immediately jump on their phone and start entertaining themselves. This happens in marriages and families, social functions or out with friends. Instead of letting the conversation die so we can feed our Facebook obsessions, let’s actually put some effort into getting to know the people around us.

Some might try to claim “We have known each other so long there is nothing new to talk about”.  This is complete BS and let me tell you why.
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Plus Size?

Yesterday I went shopping for a couple new bras at Burlington Coat Factory. I love that store and always end up walking out with more than I went in looking for. On this day I ventured into the intimates section and started perusing colors and designs. I got an idea for the styles I liked and started looking for my size. I was surprised that in order to find my size I had to head over to the plus sized section. Now I have curves and I know I’ve gained a little weight over the last two years since I last bought a bra but I certainly don’t think of myself as plus sized. It really got me thinking, what does “plus size” really means?

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