Pizza Pasta!

Hey Guys! Stephanie here with another Monday Meals!
On the Menu tonight… Pizza Pasta!
DSC04831If I had to choose one type of food to live on for the rest of my life, my choice would be pasta. It never gets old for me. Different noodles, sauces, veggies, meats, the options are endless! I don’t even get tired of eating the same classic spaghetti in tomato sauce several days in a row; but my husband does. He’s easily bored with pasta and it’s a challenge to mix it up enough to keep him interested.

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Infertility Testing Update

Earlier this week I revealed my new weekly series, Monday Meals! I’m so excited for all the new recipes to create and share! BUT this blog was not created to become a cooking blog so Wednesdays will still be whatever topics as my heart desires (Whatever Wednesdays :)!)

This week I want to give an update on our pregnancy journey. If you missed my last update you can check it out here. Over the last month we have been having a lot of tests done to try and find any issues that might be causing our miscarriages. Today we got the results from the very last test. 🙂

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Pork Chop Bundle

Hey guys! In an effort to get myself back on a schedule with blog posts I have picked three different topics to cover each week. I am excited to reveal the first, Monday Meals! (I realize this post is a couple days late, Shhhhhh). Each Monday I will post a new recipe. I am by no means a professional chief so these won’t be fancy pants meals… These recipes will be simple, everyday meals that anyone can create. Let me know what you think if you try out one of my recipes and how you would change it for your own tastes!


Pork Chop Bundle!
This is probably the easiest meal to make ever!! This meal is great for a busy weekday or when you just don’t feel like cooking. Just throw it all together and let it cook! The pork chops come out amazingly tender and the flavors, all cooked together are divine!
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