MIA Explanation and October Posts Update!

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” – Robert Burns

October is one of my favorite months! It’s my anniversary month, my doggies birthday month, Fall is kicking into high gear, but most of all Halloween!!! All month long I immerse myself into all things Halloween! I have been planning my October blog posts for months! I had a detailed calendar scheduled for Halloween treats to cook and share, DIY spooky decorations and costumes to make, and a month full of Halloween adventures to report back to you on! But as Robert Burns so eloquently put it. “The best-laid plans…”, mine definitely went awry… On September 26th my giant dog fell on my head and gave me a concussion. I am still recovering but now more than three weeks later I am finally able to look at a computer screen long enough to post something… The month of October is now more than half over and before this weekend I hadn’t been able to any of the fun Halloween things I had planned. Which also means I haven’t prepared a single post I was so excited to create… 😦

Not to fear! I have a lot of catching up to do but I will fit in as many Halloween posts as I can before November arrives! My normal posting schedule of Monday = Food, Wednesday = Misc., Friday = Activities out the window! I will be posting whatever I can whenever I have it! Be prepared for all the Halloween you can handle crammed in to these remaining two weeks!

Starting in November I will get back on track with a normal posting schedule but for now I am rolling with the punches. Thank you for your understanding!

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