10 Tips and Tricks for Hosting Thanksgiving!

Hosting Thanksgiving can be a daunting endeavor…
I am a perfectionist and easily stressed to boot, not a great combination when it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving… I love the idea of hosting everyone’s favorite annual dinner party but the first time I volunteered I learned a valuable lesson in Thanksgiving preparation. Nothing went as I had imagined and my stress level got out of control. What I had hoped would be a fun and delicious evening filled with laughter and family tales was ruined by my panic and stress. I picked a fight with anyone “doing it wrong” and made everyone uncomfortable. It was a disaster…

Just because the first try doesn’t go well doesn’t mean you should give up. Learn from your experiences and do better next time. My second try at hosting this Holiday went much better but still taught me several valuable lessons! If this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving, feel free to learn from my mistakes!
There is so much to do before guests start arriving and rushing for perfection can quickly overwhelm anyone. With a little planning and preparation, you too can pull off a wonderful holiday gathering!

Here are 10 of my tips and tricks to hosting a stress free Thanksgiving!

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