A Look Back at 2015

Sometimes in life a year gets so derailed that when looking back it feels as if everything went horribly, horribly wrong. 2015 was this kind of year for me. At times it felt like I couldn’t possibly handle any more bad news (Now is yet again one of those times), it felt like things couldn’t possibly get worse. Well, as most of us know when things can’t possibly get worse is usually when they do…

Each week of 2015 has brought a new unexpected and unwanted difficulty for us and it isn’t over yet. I am counting the days until this terrible year is finally over. Many of these difficulties will follow us into 2016 but with each new year comes new opportunities and I plan to find all of the happiest opportunities I can!

Sometimes life is going to burry you in sh**! You have 2 choices, you can sit down and cry about it or you can grab a shovel and try to dig your way out of it. Through out this year I will admit sometimes I chose the crying option before sucking it up and grabbing a shovel but I always get up and keep trying. If I’ve learned anything this year it is that things can ALWAYS get worse and appreciating that they haven’t yet is a small but necessary blessing.

What I’m trying to say (not very clearly I’m sure) is no matter what struggles you may be facing always look for and cling to the good things in your life, no matter how small the good things may be, they will be what help to pull you through.

I hope your 2015 was better than mine and I hope 2016 is wonderful for us all!



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