Happiness Series: Organization

There is a reason the internet is overflowing with ways to organize your home, life and schedule. Organizing your life and reducing stress makes room for filling your life with happiness!

Living with anxiety, as I have most of my life, has taught me how important it is to have an organized life. Even the smallest decisions can spiral into paralyzing anxiety, leaving me stuck in inaction and stress. When learning to manage my anxiety, organizing my life was the first major step I needed to take. Having a clean house is important, but I’m talking about organizing all aspects of your life to make space for your own happiness! This post has taken longer to write than planned because I recently allowed the chaos of life to rule my time. Between the holidays, a sick toddler and finding, buying and moving into a new house, I sacrificed my writing time. I will be taking my own advice now and getting my life back to balance.

It’s estimated that as adults we make roughly 35,000 decisions a day. The easier you can make your decisions and the less stress you create in your life. As well as the more availability you have to focus on the things that really matter to you.  Organizing your goals, your space and your time helps you focus on creating happiness rather than reacting to chaos. Organizing your life can feel like a daunting task upfront, let me help you implement some helpful habits into your life to make it a little easier! 

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